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What is The Best Way To Wash a Down Comforter?

How many of you have cleaned your comforter by yourself? I’m sure that the numbers are not close to 40%. Are comforters very fragile? Nope, they are not. You need to make sure that you are following the instructions which are advised on the comforters itself. If you want to avoid dry cleaners where you have to spend $50 just to clean it. You can do it yourself and to do that you need Mild detergent, dryer balls, and a little patience. We have listed some of the best ways to choose a down comforter in this article which might be useful for you if you are planning to buy a down comforter.

What is The Best Way To Wash a Down Comforter?

  • Go to your local laundromat and select the largest one then load your comforters. For the better results select, the less full washer. Make sure that you are choosing the front loader washing machine. So many users are asking where can they find white feathered sleeping sofa and here are our top recommendations for the best sleeipng sofas.
  • Now it’s time to add little amount of detergent. Remember, make sure to add little because adding a little extra will result in stripping the feathers or damage of the down comforter.
  • Now it’s time to add the timer. Make sure to select the delicate or necessary wash setting, so that the last bit is also rinsed out. Choose one or two rounds or cycles.
  • After the wash is finished,  bow it’s time to dry it on low setting. This process takes some time to finish. Some of the machines take hours to do that. Your patience is tested now, and your goals are to decrease the growth of mold, make sure that the comforters are completely dried.
  • Now it’s time to add the dryer balls into the machine or you can use the Tennis balls. Make sure that the wool dryer balls are working properly for your comforters. Remember, when the tennis balls are getting warmer, you will faint odor when you do make sure to bounce it back to increase drying process.
  • During the process, take your comforters outside and then fluff it inside the dryer more than six times in a row. This will help the comforters to dry much more steadily.
  • Now take the comforters out of the dryers. There is none thing you will notice and make sure to dry it under the sunlight so that the extra water will be vaporized in the air. Ensure that you are not leaving it for hours. Ten minutes is more than enough for them or you comforter will shrink and fade.


Every down comforter has its own set of rules on How To Wash, you can read that on the comforter itself. Keep three things in mind,

  1. Use mild detergent.
  2. Tennis balls or Dryer balls.
  3. Low wash setting.
  4. Two cycle wash.
  5. Be patient.
  6. Then add dryer balls or Tennis balls.
  7. After five minutes, you can take comforters out and the fluff it inside.
  8. Repeat the process for six times.

Once the work is done, make sure to dry it under sun for at least Ten Minutes. More than ten Minutes might result in Shrinking and Damage,

Last Words

Washing comforters are not a simple task as you are assuming. However, once you repeat the process for more than five times, then you will get will a hang of it then it will be a piece of cake for you. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments section.

Video Tutorial :-

Stained Glass Windows

Ever want to make your home look like a cathedral? Or just to have something very pretty in window glass that colors the sunlight as it comes in? Although you don’t want to go crazy with it, stained glass can add a nice touch to a room’s windows.

The first step in installing stained glass windows to a room is to decide where you want them to go. Bear in mind that stained glass is more expensive than ordinary window glass, so you don’t want to put them where there is a significant danger of breaking. A stained glass window isn’t one you’re going to want to open and close on a regular basis.

The next consideration is the size of the window whose glass you want to replace with stained glass. Stained glass can be bought retail in standard window sizes. If you have an old or custom-built house or one that otherwise has non-standard window sizes, you will need to order custom stained glass. Of course, this is also likely to be the case if you want a particular design. In any case you will want to carefully fit the stained glass panel to the window frame. The window should ideally allow a 1/8” gap all around between the glass and the window frame. This gap will be filled with caulking to hold the window in place.

To install the stained glass window once it is finished and fitted to size, you will need some basic tools including:

  • Some cardboard
  • Window caulking, either clear or matching the window frame in color
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Masking tape

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Cut some cardboard strips and fold them to the right size and shape to hold your window at the appropriate spacing. Run a small bead of caulk around the window frame where the glass will press into it. Press the window into this, and then once the window is in place caulk the gap between it and the window frame.

You want to be careful when doing house maintaining, and there’s no substitute for some practice and experience with applying caulk, so if you haven’t done it before you might want to spend a few hours practicing putting down caulk beads on surfaces you don’t mind tossing afterwards. You don’t want the layer too thick, or it will make a mess. You don’t want it too thin, either, or it will develop gaps and look unprofessional. After putting down the caulk, use toilet paper to wipe up any excess. (Why toilet paper? Because it’s cheap throw-away payer, and you only want to use each piece once. Otherwise you may end up smearing caulk where you don’t want it.)…